Yo Yo…

This Is How We

Do Things

Around Here Cuz…

(*Gangster signs)

1 Brief

We’ll take a look at what you want for your design and what’s the goal that you want to achieve.

2 Research

Next, we’ll do our research on your current business and branding that you used in the past like publications, etc. This is to ensure that what we deliver fits with your business main aesthetic.

3 Sketch

Now we’ll start sketching up some ideas to create some visualization. We’ll do different ideas to see which ones best suit your business.

4 Concept

We are now ready to create the design project, this will be based on the research conclusion and sketches.

5 Present & Revise

You will now receive the first draft of the design, you can now suggest changes and any other amendments, if you’re happy with it, you can sign it off and we can begin with the final draft. When that is done we’ll revise the design one final time.

6 Complete & Deliver

In this phase, we’ll do the final touches to your design, and deliver them to you. Now the whole process is complete.

Time To Go Back Homie

Now you’ve seen a little preview of our, let’s just call it “our backstage pass”. Now it is time to make a decision cuz… ya feel me?

Head back over to your previous page.

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