That’s right, we’ve been teasing this for a couple of months now, this is the next big project we’re working on at Living The Island Way HQ.

After speaking with and observing many local store owners and their store, we found out that there is a big problem in the commercial area of Aruba. People are not buying and this is causing many store owners to shut their doors close.

But why aren’t people going to the main street to shop anymore? We found out that there are many factors causing this, but a few of the most common is, it is too far away and there is no place to park your car. Also, it’s been a few years since they introduced Aruparking, and still there is a lot of confusion with it. If you ask 5 different people on how Aruparking works, you will get 5 different answers, and this brings a lot of uncertainty to Aruparking. People are scared to receive a fine for parking at the wrong space or parking at the wrong time and this is enough to stop a few people from going to the mainstreet to shop.

Online shopping mentality

Another problem is “I’ll buy it on Amazon”. Even I am guilty of this. We’ll rather wait a few weeks, and sometimes pay extra to get the same item we can get on the Island. Why you ask? For the convenience. You can shop while you’re sitting in the bathroom at home, you’ll save gas money and you don’t have to leave your house. Sounds great right? But not for the local merchants, they are the ones who are suffering greatly because of this. And as the year goes by, more and more people are turning to online shopping.

Our Solution

Here is where we step in. In order to tackle both the “online shopping mentality” and helping the local store owners, we designed a simple website called Arumall where the local shop owner can sell their products online. The great thing about this is, they don’t have to spend countless hours and tons of money for building their own website. The website is already build so all they need to do is choose which products they would like to sell online and we’ll do the rest. Running your own website like that can easily cost you more than a few 1000 florins per month, with Arumall, we’ll guarantee you that you won’t spend more than 500 per month.

Now for the big question. When are we officially launching Arumall?

Well, right now, as I’m typing this longer than expected article, we are running the beta test of the website to make sure that everything runs nice and smooth when we launch before Christmas time this year. We don’t have an exact date yet, but let’s just say between July and October of 2019.

If you are a store owner and want to sell your products online when we launch, you can visit this page here for more info about becoming a Arumall Vendor.

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